Cladding Sprayers

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Cladding Sprayers

About Cladding Sprayers

Cladding Sprayers is a cost-effective, quick, and effective process used in a wide range of construction and renovation projects. It offers a hard-wearing protective barrier against weather, wear and tear, and corrosion. The versatility of cladding spraying also makes it a popular choice for a variety of surfaces, including metal, concrete and wood.

Whether your cladding is looking weathered or discoloured, it can impact the overall look of your building and can be off-putting for potential customers or business associates. It is important to keep your property looking good, especially in the business environment where first impressions count. However, replacing damaged or corroded cladding can be a costly and disruptive project that requires extensive invasive building works. A more cost-effective solution is to re-spray your cladding with paints designed to protect it from weathering and discolouration, as well as minimise damage caused by environmental factors such as UV light.

The Ultimate Guide to Cladding Sprayers: Techniques and Benefits

Corrosion resistant cladding is ideal for use in the industrial sector where a strong, durable and protective coating is required to reduce downtime due to maintenance work. It is also highly water-resistant and possesses 200% elasticity, ensuring it can withstand extreme and prolonged exposure to the elements.

A variety of cladding coatings are available to suit different applications, including weld cladding. The most common weld cladding coating is thermal spray, which uses electricity or gas to create a flame that melts powder materials or wires before they are applied to a substrate. This method is suitable for weld cladding where mechanical bonding is sufficient, but can also be used for repair castings and other industrial components that require an engineered alloy coating.