Flooring Resin – A Great Choice For Commercial Spaces

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Flooring resin is a great choice for commercial spaces, providing a hard-wearing and visually appealing surface. As well as its protective properties, a resin floor coating is easy to maintain and repair. This allows for damage to be localised rather than replaced with an entire new floor, making it cost-effective.

The non-porous nature of a resin floor is impenetrable by bacteria, meaning it is hygienic and easy to clean. Often, a simple daily sweep is all that’s required to remove any debris or dirt. The smooth surface of a resin floor also makes it easier to mop or vacuum up spillages and stains, resulting in an efficient, hygienic and durable flooring solution for your business.

From Concept to Reality: Exploring Flooring Resin Options

In food manufacturing environments, a slip-resistant resin system is typically needed for areas such as packaging zones and maintenance rooms to meet stringent health and safety standards. For these types of environments, epoxy systems with aggregates, pigments and decorative flakes can be used to create a more slip-resistant surface.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin systems are another option for commercial environments that require a more bespoke industrial flooring solution. These systems can be customised to precise specifications, such as chemical or electrical resistance. Furthermore, they have a fast application and cure time, even at low temperatures, making them ideal for operational production facilities seeking to minimize downtime and disruption.