How to Grow Permanent Marker Weed

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Permanent Marker weed is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with a THC content of 29-35%. This weed is one of the most potent cannabis strains available, making it perfect for experienced users who enjoy a strong high. The indica influences of this strain help relieve pain and stress, while the sativa influence provides an uplifting and energizing experience that can maximize productivity without causing drowsiness. This combination of indica and sativa effects is what makes permanent marker weed so effective.

What are the features of permanent marker?

Growers will need to start by preparing their soil or hydroponic medium for the plant. Then, they can add the feminized permanent marker strain review seeds. Afterwards, the seeds will need to be covered with a layer of filtered water. Next, they will need to be placed on a dinner plate and left to soak for 20 to 120 hours.

The soaking process helps to activate the seeds and will also help them to develop a taproot. Once the seeds have sprouted, they will need to be moved into a larger container for cultivation. This should be done in a warm area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. After the plants are planted, they can be nurtured in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup. The SOG method involves growing many little cannabis plants rather than a few huge ones, which can lead to shorter vegetative growth and enhanced energy efficiency.

If you are interested in trying permanent marker weed, you can find this strain at your local dispensary. It can be purchased in pre-rolls or in bulk, depending on your preference. If you are unsure of what to look for, consult with a knowledgeable staff member at your local shop to receive more information about this marijuana strain.