Olivia Rodrigo Merch Review

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olivia rodrigo merch

Despite the success of her recent album, fans are clamoring for more Olivia Rodrigo merch. Fans have taken to social media to complain that the merch they received in May was not as good as advertised. The tank tops that they received were unflattering and the printed images were unclear. However, the fans aren’t giving up hope yet. There are plenty of places to purchase Rodrigo merch.

Merch Was A Different Shade Of Purple Than In The Online Photos

The merch isn’t the only disappointment for Olivia Rodrigo fans. While many fans were thrilled when the new album, Sour, was released, the quality of the merch was often less than perfect. Some fans have complained that they were never able to receive their items in a timely manner, despite placing multiple orders. Some fans have even posted pictures of their items in real life, in which they noticed that the merch was a different shade of purple than in the online photos.

In a recent review of the Olivia Rodrigo merch, the singer addressed the issues that fans have reported. Many of the items they bought online were damaged or misrepresented. This article contacted the Olivia Rodrigo merch company, Ceremony of Roses, for a response. The singer herself has not yet commented on the merch issues. However, she may consider reexamining her supplier partnerships if she is concerned about her fans’ displeasure.