Experience Reykjavik

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Whether it’s food, Ventito Tours  helicopter sightseeing excursions or Icelandic Saga tours, Experience Reykjavik has something for everyone. This experience company puts together itineraries with expert guides to ensure the best possible experience. They will also provide you with recommendations to explore Iceland on your own.

The city’s center is small and easily explored on foot in a few hours. The main street, Laugavegur, is lined with interesting, alternative street art and leads to Hallgrimskirkja Church, one of the most iconic landmarks in Iceland. Inside, modern art furbishes the foyer and an elevator takes you to the top for awe-inspiring views of Reykjavik.

Reykjavik has a vibrant live music scene with many great venues, so be sure to head out on a Saturday night and discover it for yourself. Many of the city’s bars double as restaurants, which are great places to get a bite to eat while you take in some live music.

Reykjavik Unveiled: Experiencing the Heart of Iceland’s Capital

Iceland is Europe’s youngest island and its unique landscape is continually changing due to it being situated on two active tectonic plates. The rift at Silfra is an amazing place to see these forces in action and is a truly unique natural phenomenon. The bridge that connects Europe and North America, the Midlina / Leif the Lucky Bridge, marks the line between the old and new worlds and you can even receive a certificate upon crossing the bridge, proving you left Europe and entered the New World (or vice versa). The experience includes pre-shows that set the stage for the flight ride.