IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

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The indigo cadet pilot program is a well-designed and structured path to become a commercial airline pilot. The program is offered by IndiGo in partnership with CAE, a global leader in aviation training.

How can I join IndiGo as a pilot?

A cadet is an individual who wants to become a pilot, but has no flying experience. He or she will attend a flight school and study for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

To become an airline pilot, a cadet must complete training in an approved training center and pass the required tests. He or she must also have a medical certificate and meet other requirements. URL :

The cadet pilot program is offered by several academies in India and the United States. The cost of the program depends on the type of training and location of the flight school.

Cadets must pay an initial fee and a monthly stipend throughout the course of their training. They will also be reimbursed for flights to and from the training facility.

After completing the cadet pilot program, a student will receive an A320 Type Rating, which is a special certificate that allows him or her to fly Airbus aircraft. Once a cadet has been certified, he or she will be accepted into IndiGo as a Junior First Officer and will receive company-stipulated wages.

The cadet pilot program is available for Indian citizens who have completed their high school and are in good physical health. The cadet must pass an entrance test and an interview to qualify for the pilot training program.