Japanese Mini Trucks

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While pickup trucks are all the rage in America, there’s another smaller vehicle making waves abroad—japanese mini trucks. These diminutive vehicles have been around for over fifty years and offer consumers incredible quality at a low price. These work-ready, compact vehicles can be used for a variety of purposes including hauling, dumping and transportation.

Also known as Kei (Kei meaning tiny, small or mini), these little vehicles are a staple on japanese mini trucks roads and widely used for personal and business use throughout Asia in agriculture, fisheries, construction and firefighting. They’re very popular among farmers and hunters as they can traverse difficult terrain at a fraction of the cost of larger trucks. Because of Japanese laws encouraging the declaration of surplus Kei models, these older used versions are imported into America for sale.

Japanese Mini Trucks: Unveiling the Versatility and Practicality of Compact Utility Vehicles

Morgan explains that these mini trucks are very different than side-by-sides or ATVs because they’re street legal and can be driven on roads. They’re also a lot quieter than an American pickup truck.

As for the fuel economy, a typical used Kei can run hundreds of miles on one tank. These vehicles are designed to be good on gas and they’re very durable, which means they last a long time.

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