Mango Bingsu

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During the summer, a delicious and refreshing dessert that quenches your thirst is mango bingsu. It is prepared with fresh mango, a sweetened syrup and finely shaved ice. You can find this type of shaved ice in Korean and Chinese restaurants, as well as Korean bakeries.

What does Mochi mean in Korean slang?

The shaved ice is made with milk, ice and water. The shaved ice is then decorated with different toppings. Some of the most popular toppings include berries, nuts, condensed milk and bean paste.

There are two types of bingsu, pat bingsu and Mango Bingsu. For pat bingsu, you can make the shaved ice out of red beans, which creates a very unique flavor.

For mango bingsu, you can use fresh mangoes and sweetened condensed milk. You can also make mango puree and freeze it to use later. If you don’t have the time to make a batch of mango shaved ice, you can buy mango ice cubes at your local grocery store.

Mango bingsu can be found in many Asian countries in the summer. It is considered a delicacy in Korea. In order to prepare the dessert, you will need a blender, a small bowl and a kitchen roller.

Normally, you will combine whole milk and sweetened condensed milk. The mixture should be frozen overnight. You can then shave the ice, decorate the dessert with mangoes, berries and whipped cream and enjoy!

Another popular bingsu is strawberry bingsu. In this recipe, you will also need mango compote. You can also add condensed milk and ice cream.