Spree Sports Review

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Whether you’re trying to get in shape or simply improve your overall health, you want an exercise tool that lets you stay motivated and keep track of your progress. That’s where Spree Sports comes in.

What is a favorite sport?

The fitness tracking world has come a long way in the last year, with sensors/monitors popping up everywhere. But many of these devices still require a lot of contact with the user — which is often uncomfortable and not very accurate.

Spree takes the best aspects of these wristband fitness trackers and adds body temperature monitoring to the mix. Its headband, which looks like a Snooki or Bjorn Borg-style sweatband, fits around your forehead and keeps hair out of your face while simultaneously counting heartbeats and measuring body temperature.

It’s a great way to monitor your workout without having to wear a strap that rests around your chest, and the company claims it’s more accurate than wristbands. The device has an app that streams biometric information via Bluetooth Smart technology to your smartphone, so you can view your performance in real time.

You can also review your stats on the device itself, but that’s a bit of a pain because you have to open up the Spree app to do it. And the app doesn’t surface all the data it collects — so you have to look for that info outside of the app if you want to know what’s going on.

So, while the Spree is a great device for tracking your workouts, the apps are still not up to par and the hardware is not as advanced as it should be. However, it has a lot of potential to be one of the best fitness tracking devices out there.